Help in Time of Need

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 Do you feel overwhelmed? Are you bearing a burden you can't carry anymore? Here's a friend who knows the pain firsthand. In just a few short years, author Ronda Chervin suffered a series of great personal losses: Her mother, father, husband, and godparents all died; her son took his own life; she lost a breast to cancer; her home was destroyed in an earthquake; and she lost her job. How did she make it through such disasters? In this book, she shares the lessons she learned through tough times. Drawing from personal experience and Scripture, each chapter offers you practical advice for responding to a specific challenge, along with a prayer for God's help. The book's final section leads you toward comfort and wisdom through quiet times of Eucharistic adoration; prayers asking help from Mary, the angels, and saints; and an invitation to discover new joy when the crisis is past.

Author: Ronda Chervin, PhD