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Biblical Basis for the Papacy

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Drawing upon Old and New Testament Scriptures, Tradition, and the words of the early Church Fathers, author, lawyer, and noted Catholic apologist John Salza presents a comprehensive and compelling story of the papacy from a biblical perspective.

The papacy of the Catholic Church is the longest-living institution in the civilized world -- and at times one of the most controversial due to the basic doctrines of:

•papal authority
•papal infallibilitiy
•apostolic succession

Arguments against the papacy are weighed and refuted in a charitable but convincing manner, making this a valuable resource for everyone intrigued or confused by the nearly 2,000-year-old papal office -- regardless of your faith background.

Whether you are defending, questioning, or exploring the Catholic Faith, this book provides the most concise and clear examination of the Catholic Church's supreme teaching office as instituted by Jesus Christ.

Author: John Salza