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LECTIO: Prayer, DVD Set

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Dr. Tim Gray
Though prayer is one of the essentials of a thriving faith, we often feel as if we’re talking to ourselves. Or, worse, we feel like we’re talking to no one at all. How can something so vital to the faith be so elusive?


Now, the mystery of prayer is made clear through the engaging teaching and cinematic artistry of the Augustine Institute in Prayer: Finding Intimacy with God. In six sessions on three DVDs, renowned speaker Dr. Tim Gray masterfully uses the ancient Church's tradition of lectio divina to show you the simple steps for making prayer an effort of love and intimacy with God. Essential and accessible, this new Lectio series is ideal for personal faith formation and small group study.

Episode Listing: 

1. Prayer: An Intimate Dialogue 
2. Guigo’s Ladder: A Way of Ascent 
3. Lectio and Meditatio: Climbing the First Rungs 
4. Oratio: Conversation with God 
5. Contemplatio: The Gaze of Love 
6. Resolutio: Putting Love into Action