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Living the Beatitudes: A Journey to Life in Christ

Living the Beatitudes: A Journey to Life in Christ

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Are you thirsting for a deeper life-giving relationship with the Lord?

Drink from the foundation of holiness and rediscover the mystery of grace and the peace of living life in the spirit as you encounter Christ in a new way.

In the Beatitudes, Jesus describes how we can live as his followers and enjoy God's blessings in this life and in the next. In Living the Beatitudes, best-selling author J. Brian Bransfield reveals the richness contained in the Beatitudes and gently guides you along the journey of growing into the person God called you to be. The admirable qualities that we see in Jesus and desire for ourselves-gentleness, fidelity, purity of heart, mercy, poverty of spirit, justice, peace, and perseverance in times of persecution-offer a life-giving practice and understanding of the Catholic faith.

Paperback. 245 Pages

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