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MISERICORDIA means “mercy” in Latin. This is a quarter-long (three-month) deep dive study on the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy and modern lay holy women, split among four authors.

MISERICORDIA // Blessed Conversations is a collected study book for you or your group.

It contains four different studies on the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy and modern lay holy women, split among four authors.

Each study on the Works of Mercy has three sessions or chapters inside it. They’re designed so that each session would be one meeting of your group. This collected study book has twelve sessions total.

What’s it all about?

The study opens up how to live the Works of Mercy through the examples of modern lay holy women of God from nearly every continent and walk of life.

The Spiritual Works of Mercy are: to instruct the ignorant; to counsel the doubtful; to admonish the sinner; to bear wrongs patiently & to forgive offenses; to comfort the afflicted; and to pray for the living and the dead.

The Corporal Works of Mercy are: to feed the hungry & to give water to the thirsty; to clothe the naked; to shelter the homeless; to visit the sick; to visit the imprisoned; and to bury the dead.

The holy women of God are: Servant of God Julia Greeley, Venerable Satoko Kitahara, Servant of God Dorothy Day, Venerable Edel Quinn, Saint Maria Goretti, Servant of God Maria de la Luz, Saint Lucy Yi Zhenmei, Saint Zélie Martin, Saint Teresa of Calcutta, Saint Anna Schaeffer, Blessed Victoria Rasoamanarivo, and Blessed Natalia Tulasiewicz.

What does a single session look like?

Let’s take Admonishing the Sinner, the Spiritual Work of Mercy. It would be comprised of:

+ an in-depth bio of the saint/venerable/servant of God;
+ a 200-300 word reflection by the author;
+ Scripture from Old & New Testament woven throughout;
+ questions for reflection; and
+ questions for discussion.

What’s in a reflection?

We look at living out the Works of Mercy in our families, work places, ministries, and communities. Real women sharing real stories about their lives and experiences to inspire us!

Who’s it for?

You, two girlfriends, or two hundred ladies ages 18+! The format is perfect for community groups of any size. You can read aloud a chapter together as a group, discuss the questions, read it ahead of time and journal about it, or ponder the Scripture verses using lectio divina.

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