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Mission Libertad

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Crack the Biblical code in this story of suspense, adventure, discovery, and faith!

Fact and fiction converge in this thrilling tale of 14-year old Luisito Ramirez-a courageous boy who daringly escapes from 1970s communist Cuba-as he becomes immersed in American culture, and sets out on fulfilling a secret religious mission under the eyes of spies.

Integrating Spanish vocabulary and Cuban culture, this novel offers young people ages 10-14 an exciting story of the Catholic faith lived out during turmoil. Based on real events, the historical, political, economical, and cultural realities of the time period are fused in the fictional story of Luisito. Author Lizette M. Lantigua achieves this fusion through combining her historical knowledge and experiences as a newspaper reporter interviewing Cuban exiles with her craft for storytelling.

The story opens with Luisito and his family aboard a raft as they escape under the cover of darkness to the United States. Leaving behind his grandmother until she can be safely transported to freedom, this getaway to a better life is bittersweet. Luisito cannot help but think about her, especially because she entrusts him to carry out a secret mission when he arrives in the United States. She leaves him with a place to visit, a Biblical passage, and a person to deliver an obscure message to. Luisito must use his wit and courage to decode his grandmother's secret-all the while being followed and watched by Cuban spies!

Will Luisito fulfill his grandmother's mission, and will they be united in the land of freedom? Accompany Luisito on his Mission Libertad to find out!


214 pages

Author: Lizette M. Lantigua