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Moving Forward: Staying Catholic in College

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The transition out of high school for a Catholic teen is a defining moment, simply because their faith will be tested. This book is aimed towards graduating seniors (and anyone still adjusting to the college scene) in hopes that as they move forward, their faith will move with them. The book includes practical wisdom on how to successfully transition into college and not only survive but thrive in their Catholic faith.


The book covers 60 topics with timely insights in how to deal with everything from challenging roommates to handling homesickness to finances and study habits. The book also doesnt shy away from hard-hitting subjects like dealing with addictions, failure, and relationships gone wrong.


Over 30 writers contributed to Moving Forward: Staying Catholic in College. Some writers are still in college today, but other writers are older and have had years to reflect on their college experience. Because of their unique points of view, the finished book is both fresh and timeless. Key writers include Mark Hart (Catholic author, speaker, and radio personality), Jackie Francois (Catholic speaker and recording artist), and Matt Smith (Catholic speaker and blogger). This is the perfect gift for graduating seniors as they leave your youth group and move forward.