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PURELY YOU Parent and Son Conversation Guides

PURELY YOU Parent and Son Conversation Guides

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Parent Guide
This guide is written for parents to build their confidence through practical advice, suggestions, encouragement and developmental facts. Parents with children of all ages can benefit from this book. While parents with children approaching puberty will find immediate help, new parents will find it helpful in planning for the future. Furthermore, parents who may feel that it is "too late" can receive help in assisting their young adult children to deal with cultural pressures and experience God's Plan for a life of love, joy, wholeness and holiness.
Conversation Guide for Boys

Written as though a father (father-figure) is talking to his maturing son. Parents may use this tool to speak to their sons about the more delicate subjects of maturation, love and life.

Spiral Bound.

Authors: Suzanne Lewis & Gretchen Thibault

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