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This Advent, you are invited to rest in God’s peace, preparing your heart for the Prince of Peace to be born at Christmas time there with our Advent devotional, Peace Has a Name. The world cannot give us peace nor can we find it in ourselves without the gift of God’s grace. Would you like to enter the Christmas restored and ready? 

The key to a good life, an abundant life, is to fall into step with Peace Himself. And that Peace has a name: Jesus Christ. // Jenna Guizar

Week 1: what we think peace is
Week 2: where we seek peace out
Week 3: who or what steals our peace
Week 4: why God alone brings peace

In our Advent devotional, our writers share profound moments when they struggled to be at peace and when God granted them the peace they needed.

Each week you follow the same cadence:

SUNDAYS / Ponder Father Jacques Philipe’s five tenets of peace. 
MONDAYS / Read an excerpt from Saint Paul’s letters, practicing lectio divina and responding to a question. 
TUESDAYS / Hear a story challenging our storyteller’s peace. 
WEDNESDAYS / Read an excerpt from a Gospel account, practicing lectio divina and responding to a question. 
THURSDAYS / Hear a story assuaging our storyteller’s peace. 
FRIDAYS / Draft your peace petitions for the Prince of Peace and pray the Canticle of Zechariah. 
SATURDAYS / Practice visio divina and sit with sacred art in prayer and ponderance

Perfect for you or to do with your small group together.

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