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Symbolon Complete DVD Set

Symbolon Complete DVD Set

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We may be familiar with different aspects of our Catholic faith… but how does it all fit together? And what difference does it make for our lives? Symbolon: The Catholic Faith Explained is a stunning new video series that systematically presents the BIG picture of the Catholic Faith. Filmed on location in Rome, the Holy Land, Calcutta, and in the Augustine Institute studios in Denver, dozens of nationally-known teachers clearly present the beauty and brilliance of Catholicism. 

Acclaimed author, speaker and theologian Dr. Edward Sri leads over 25 of the nation’s top experts to clearly and comprehensively explain the Catholic Faith in a way that helps us know it, live it, and articulate it to others. Symbolon presenters include Johnnette Benkovic, Patrick Coffin, Jason and Crystalina Evert, Tim Gray, Curtis Martin, Leah Darrow, Chris Stefanick, Teresa Tomeo, Fr. Leo Patalinghug and many more!

This compelling series contains two parts including ten episodes each. In Part 1 we journey through the core teachings of the Catholic Church traced out in the Creed and Catechism with the goal of knowing the Faith. In Part 2, we focus on our encounter with God in the sacraments and the moral life so that we can be fully living the Faith.

Episode Listing: PART 1

1. The Journey of Faith (20 minutes)
2. Divine Revelation (32 minutes)
3. The Bible (33 minutes)
4. The Story of Salvation (34 minutes)
5. Who Is Jesus? (33 minutes)
6. The Paschal Mystery (33 minutes)
7. The Holy Spirit & the Life of Grace (37 minutes)
8. Why Do I Need the Church? (44 minutes)
9. Mary and the Saints (36 minutes)
10. The Last Things (40 minutes)

Episode Listing: PART 2

1. The Sacraments (41 minutes)
2. The Eucharist (38 minutes)
3. Walk Through the Mass (35 minutes)
4. Penance & The Anointing of the Sick (45 minutes)
5. Matrimony & Holy Orders (42 minutes)
6. A Catholic Moral Vision (47 minutes)
7. A Love That Lasts - Part 1 (20 minutes)
8. A Love That Lasts - Part 2 (37 minutes)
9. Catholic Social Teaching - Part 1 (20 minutes)
10. Catholic Social Teaching - Part 2 (37 minutes)
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