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The Mother of Jesus is Wonderfully Real

The Mother of Jesus is Wonderfully Real

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The Mother of Jesus is Wonderfully Real contains two things: a letter from a young girl, Isabel, who wonders if Mary is real, and a beautiful response from Father Paul Murray, O.P., whose answer is simple, powerful, deep, and true. Father Paul writes to the heart of Isabel, speaking directly to her, yet speaking to all of us, young and old.  

Alyssa Bormes writes a foreword explaining the heartache of her young niece Isabel as she one day questioned the reality of Mary, and then the healing Isabel received from Father’s letter.

Father Paul Murray, O.P. is an Irish Dominican and a poet. He lives and works in Rome, Italy, where he teaches the literature of the Western mystical tradition at the Angelicum University. His books include I Loved Jesus in the Night: Teresa of Calcutta, A Secret Revealed, and God’s Spies’ Michelangelo, Shakespeare, and Other Poets of Vision. His last book of poetry is Stories and Stars.

Alyssa Bormes is an educator, author, speaker, and radio host. Alyssa is the aunt of Isabel, who wrote the letter to Fr. Murray. She teaches theology at Chesterton Academy of the Twin Cities, is the host of a weekly radio show, Catholic Kaleidoscope, on Radio Maria US, is a WINE writer, including Called by Name, and wrote The Catechism of Hockey.

Bernadette Gockowski is a watercolor artist. After receiving her art degree, she served the Church for seven years before starting a family of her own. She works part-time as a portrait artist, art teacher, and cares for her three children at home

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