Amazing Grace for Those Who Suffer

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Amazing Grace for Those Who Suffer is the most compelling collection of stories of hope and healing you will ever read. These true stories will make you laugh, make you cry, and show you the power of God's healing grace.

Are you experiencing sorrow and trouble in your life? You are not alone. Others have been where you are. More importantly, Jesus has been there, and He can transform your challengesûbig or smallûinto new life.

Discover these stories and seven more in these grace-filled pages:

At 6:00 a.m., their daughter left for her paper route. They never saw her alive again.
Mike and Kathie Clarey suffered the worst trauma any parent can endure. Their beloved eleven-year-old daughter was brutally murdered. Yet in the midst of their pain, they experienced God's amazing grace. And while the suffering didn't go away, it became a source of deep peace as Our Lord brought good out of evil.

She had a fairy-tale life that became a horror story. But God's grace eventually prevailed.
Debbie Harding lived a glamorous life as a model and New England Patriots cheerleader. But then the nightmare began. As her husband struggled to escape his drug addiction, Debbie turned to her faith for strength. She would need it: Her life would come crashing down the night she discovered a lump in her breast.

Carl Cleveland had it all. Wealth. Love. Success. Then the FBI showed up.
Discover the amazing story of how this dedicated Catholic deacon and renowned New Orleans attorney survived more than two grueling years in prison, sustained by constant prayer. His sentence finally ended in joyful victoryûan appeal that would make Supreme Court history.

Learn how others like you have found peace amid their suffering. You will be transformed by these true storiesûand by God's amazing grace!


Author: Jeff Cavins