Forgiveness is Key

Forgiveness Is Key brings God s uncompromising demand for forgiveness into clear and convicting focus. How can we be forgiven if we do not forgive? Unforgiveness has eternal consequences. Weaving her own experiences with Church teaching, Scripture, scenes from films, real-life examples, and the witness of the saints, author Angèle Regnier shares practical, relatable, and humorous lessons about forgiveness, reconciliation, and mercy. Also included are questions for personal reflection at the end of each chapter. After reading this book, Angèle helps readers: Understand the freedom found in forgiveness Learn how to forgive, even when it seems impossible Gain practical advice on how to repent and seek reconciliation, even when it is not welcomed It is impossible to read Forgiveness Is Key and remain unaffected. Through its pages, God will draw you into his mercy and greater freedom.

By: Angèle Regnier

Paperback. 142 Pages

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