James: Pearls for Wise Living, DVD Set

by Jeff Cavins

In these eleven videos Jeff Cavins provides a captivating overview and explanation of the Letter of James.

These videos are just one part of the program. The James Study Set contains the study questions, responses, and talk notes needed for the study.

Videos Included:

  1. Introduction
  2. James 1:1-18: Wisdom for Tough Times
  3. James 1:19-27: Wisdom and Pure Religion
  4. James 2:1-13: Wisdom and the Law of Love
  5. James 2:14-26: Faith Works with Wisdom
  6. James 3:1-12: Wisdom Is Known Through Speech
  7. James 3:13-18: Wisdom – False and True
  8. James 4:1-10: Wisdom in Relationship
  9. James 4:11–5:6: A Wise Perspective for Living
  10. James 5:7-12: The Wisdom of Patience
  11. James 5:13-20: The Wisdom of Confession and Prayer

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