Rosary Pillowcase

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These pillow cases are manufactured in the United States from high quality fabric. They are printed with the latest technology in digital printing so you may wash them over and over again and retain the same high quality image. You may even iron right over the image as the ink is printed into the cloth.

Imprinted with the following:

Mysteries of the Rosary    Fruits of the Mysteries

Joyful mysteries              

Annunciation                    Humility

Visitation                          Charity

Nativity                              Poverty

Presentation                   Obedience

Finding of our Lord         Purity

Sorrowful Mysteries

Agony in the Garden       Contrition

Scourging at the Pillar    Purity

Crowning with Thorns    Courage

Carrying the Cross          Patience

Crucifixion                         Salvation

Glorious Mysteries

Resurrection of Our Lord      Faith

Ascension into Heaven          Hope

Descent of the Holy Spirit      Love

Assumption of Mary                Eternal Happiness

Coronation of Mary                 Devotion to Mary

Luminous Mysteries

Baptism of Jesus                   Gratitude

Marriage at Cana                    Fidelity

Proclamation of the Kingdom of God               Desire for Holiness

Transfiguration                       Spiritual Courage

Institution of the Eucharist    Love of our Lord