The Mass - Four Encounters with Jesus That Will Change Your Life

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The Mass: Four Encounters with Jesus that will Change Your Life, is based on a series of talks on the Mass developed by Dr. Curran. Over the years, the comment heard most frequently from audiences was, “Why didn’t anyone tell me this before?” This book serves as a guide to discovering the hidden treasure that awaits us at Mass – namely, an encounter with our living Lord, not just once, but four times.

Using stories and examples from everyday life, Dr. Curran walks with the reader through the Mass from beginning to end and shows how: 

•    The Mass is not merely a ritual, but an event.
•    We are called to be participants, not merely spectators.
•    There is a lot at stake in playing our parts well.

We will learn how to see, hear and respond to what is really taking place at Mass: Jesus Christ comes close to us, to speak to us, live in us and change our lives.