The Sound of His Voice

The Sound of His Voice: Everyday Principles for Listening to God                            

The Sound of His Voice is an easy to read spiritual guide for those interested in a deeper personal relationship with God. It encourages daily personal prayer which includes listening to the Lord through the power of the Holy Spirit. Have you ever wondered if God speaks to ordinary people? And, if so, how? This book outlines in simple language what everyone should know about hearing God's voice in the midst of everyday Christian living. It weaves in many vivid examples from the author's personal life and the lives of others, and includes prayer exercises to assist the reader. A must-read for those looking to deepen their living, loving and interactive relationship with God. Helpful unto itself, The Sound of His Voice is also used as an introduction to the spiritual growth program called “Our Fiat”, which combines scriptural meditation and prayerful listening through daily prayer and weekly small group sharing, consistent with the call of Pope Benedict to pray with scripture.

Author: Carol Marquardt


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