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After This Life - Fr. Benedict Groeschel

After This Life - Fr. Benedict Groeschel

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Life Each Day with Renewed Passion and Spirit

Recognizing that anxiety and fear are the most common personal problems brought to him during nearly forty years of psychological counseling, Father Benedict Groeschel knows firsthand that most people prefer to avoid the issue of mortality entirely.

Himself the victim of a hit and run accident in 2004, after which he had no vital signs for thirty minutes, Father Groeschel is uniquely qualified to address this subject.  Asserting that we live in a death-denying society, he masterfully explains how consoling and uplifting the truths surrounding death, judgment, Hell, Purgatory, and Heaven really are.

These topics offer us the opportunity to think clearly about death in order to live fully in God's grace today.  Father Groeschel notes that the "five mysteries" --death, judgment, Hell, Purgatory, and Heaven -- lie beyond our complete understanding.  Therefore, it is his intention to write instead on what we think and feel about them, as we make our way in life toward them.

Learn to live each new day with confidence based on the mercy and love of our Savior, Jesus Christ, who spoke often of death and the Last Judgment through His parables.

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