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St. Cecilia Prayer Pillowcase

St. Cecilia Prayer Pillowcase

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Saint Cecilia teaches young and old alike to sing God's praises, in both words and deeds! Her love for God was so strong that she consecrated herself to him at an early age. In turn, she received the guardianship of an angel to protect her virginity. Cecilia's life was such a harmonious example of Jesus' love that Valerian, the pagan man she was forced to marry, converted to Christianity soon after they married. Miraculously, after his baptism he could see the Angel of God standing guard next to his new wife! The Angel rewarded the holy couple's love of chastity with an extraordinary, everlasting bouquet of red roses and white lilies. Like all Prayer Pillowcases, this one is designed and printed in the USA using a process that prints the image directly on to the pillowcase.

Our joyful painting for the Saint Cecilia Prayer Pillowcase reflects a serenity that comes with trusting in God the way this young woman did. Her floral crown and the lilies in the foreground symbolize the bouquet the Angel presented to Cecilia and her newly baptized husband. The companion prayer acknowledges this martyr’s radiant faith while reminding us to be strong in our own. When we feel like we are loosing the battle against social pressure, whether at school or in the workplace, we can seek Saint Cecilia’s intercession to bring us back to The Way and The Truth. Through prayer and trust we too can live our lives as God’s instruments in the song of salvation!

Machine washable


  • Full color original artwork

     Includes full prayer

  • Fits both standard and queen-sized pillows

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