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Surrender Novena

Surrender Novena

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Folded Size:  3" X 5.75".  100 lb. gloss heavy paper, scored.  Font side:  7.75 pt. A Full of Grace USA Original Product

Father Don Dolindo Ruotolo, a candidate for beatification and the Catholic Church has granted him the title "Servant of God", was a Neapolitan priest (1882-1970), stigmatized miracle worker and "mouthpiece of the Holy Spirit".

Father Ruotolo had extraordinary communication with Jesus throughout his heroic life, a life that was totally devoted to God and the Holy Mother Mary. He referred to himself as "the Madonna's little old man" and the Rosary was his constant companion. As you can see from this novena much of what our Lord wants flies in the face of normal human inclination and reason. We can only rise to this level of thinking through the grace of God and the help of the Holy Spirit.

We must let go of our problems, stop worrying and trying to resolve them ourselves. We must believe, trust and allow our Lord to rescue us from ourselves and supply our wants, needs and resolve our problems as only He can.

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