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Adulting 101: College

Adulting 101: College

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Welcome to your twenties: the land of in-between. It’s a decade of transition and change that carries an expectation of figuring it all out before thirty. Adulting 101: #liveyourbestlife provides you with a clear vision of what a healthy adult looks like, equips you with the necessary tools to begin adulthood, and offers critical resources to fulfill your purpose. With relatable stories, relevant research, and input from trusted mental health professionals, this book will help you: • assess yourself honestly—both strengths and weaknesses • implement lasting, healthy habits • develop social awareness, emotional intelligence, and cultural intelligence • cultivate grit and resilience • identify signs of anxiety, depression, and loneliness and gain coping skills Your twenties are an opportunity to shape yourself into the adult you want to become.

Features: hardcover, 224 pages, ribbon marker, authors: Pete Hardesty and Josh Burnette

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