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Navarre Bible: Gospels and Acts

Navarre Bible: Gospels and Acts

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The Navarre Bible Reader's Edition contains the full biblical text in the Revised Standard Version with notes or commentaries provided by members of Navarre University's theology faculty. The commentaries seek to explain the doctrinal and practical meaning of the scrip-tural text, drawing on a rich variety of sources-Church documents, the exegesis of Fathers and Doctors, and the works of prominent spiritual writers, including Blessed J. Escriva, who initiated the Navarre Bible project. We heartily and strongly recommend this splendid volume [St Mark]. It is just what so many have been waiting for. - Homiletic & Pastoral Review, New York This [Acts] is a superb volume for adult Bible study as well as college and uni-versity work; most helpful, enlightening and fascinating. - Catholic Transcript, Hartford, Conn


by Faculty of Theology Univ of Navarre

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