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Saint Francis Preaches to the Birds Wooden Stacker

Saint Francis Preaches to the Birds Wooden Stacker

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Can you stack all the birds and leaves without knocking down the tree?! Test your skill with our new St. Francis and the birds stacking toy!

One day St. Francis of Assisi was inspired by the Holy Spirit to preach to a large group of many kinds of birds- encouraging them to praise God for all of their many blessings. Through play, children can explore the idea that all creation is a beautiful reflection of God; and that we too can offer praise to God for our many and varied blessings. For if God so loves the birds, how much more does he love each of us!

  • Stacking and balance toys are a fantastic way to develop hand-eye coordination as well as patience and perseverance.
  • Children absolutely love stacking and arranging the beautiful multi-colored birds in the birch tree over and over again!
  • This gorgeous set is a beautiful addition to any home, and a lovely reminder of God's constant care for all of us.
  • All pieces are 3/4 inch thick solid hardwood.
  • St. Francis is the same height as Shining Light Dolls classic dolls (9cm tall) and is ¾ inch thick.
  • Tree (without any birds or leaves) is 7.5 inches tall and 10 inches wide.
  • Our new wooden sets are designed to be compatible with all Shining Light Dolls classic dolls.
  • Conforms to all ASTM standards for toy safety.
  • For ages 18+ months

A favorite of European toy manufacturers, our new wood sets are crafted using highly sustainable solid rubberwood from Forest Stewardship Council certified sources, and non-toxic water based paint. Rubberwood is a highly sustainable and beautiful hardwood. Trees that have finished producing latex on rubber tree farms are cut down to make room for new trees to be planted. Instead of wasting this beautiful wood, it is used to create a variety of home goods and toys! We've very intentionally selected rubberwood for this reason, to avoid deforestation and ensure our wooden toys are truly environmentally friendly.

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