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The Way of the Cross for Children (DVD)

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Rediscover a Powerful Traditinal Devotion...with the Faith of a Child. The "Way of the Cross" was a favorite devotion of our ancestors in the Faith since the Middle Ages. Unfortunately, in today's busy world, it no longer occupies its ancient place of honor. As Catholic families attempt to restore the traditions that have fallen by the wayside during the last forty years, the natural place to start is with the children. A combination of beautiful prayers, sacred music, and traditional images make this a perfect Lenten companion for the whole family. Ideal for homeschoolers and families with small children, this DVD provides a powerful devotional experience for the little ones. Introduce your children to the "Way of the Cross" with this remarkable DVD and plant the seeds of Faith that will last a lifetime. Includes: Prayers led by a Priest with responses by children; Children sing Stabat Mater in English; Meditation for each Station read by a child; Prayers and images ideal for the whole family; and perfect for homeschoolers and religion teachers. Bonus Features: Via Crucis: Rediscovering the Way of the Cross; A Short Way of the Cross; and Jesus, Our Redeemer (Sing-a-Long Song) 47 minutes in length including Bonus Features.